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What does Sterling Management Group do?

Sterling Management Group is the "office manager" for West Oaks Condos. They send monthly statements, collect assessments, monitor delinquent bills, and ensure that the HOA's bank account is balanced. WCM also monitors the condition of the community, and reports issues such as roof moss, bark dust erosion, and the like to the board. They also acts as the Board's day-to-day "eyes and ears", notifying owners or residents of any non-compliance with the HOA's regulations or other problems that might need their attention.

When should I contact Sterling Management Group ?

Sterling Management Group is your primary point of contact for day-to-day questions about West Oaks Condos... that is, those questions you can't get answered on this web site! Common reasons are:

  • Billing questions about assessments.
  • Mailing address changes for owners.
  • Notifications of occupancy changes (change of renters, etc.).
  • Landscape contractor concerns.
  • Problems in common areas.

How do I contact Sterling Management Group ?

  1. By telephone at (541) 757-1290.
  2. By e-mail at
  3. By website at
  4. By post at the HOA's address: Sterling Management Group, 200 SW 4th Street Ste 102 Corvallis, OR 97333.